Australian Venture Consultants' clients benefit from significant value that is created from the insights AVC has developed from deep, multi-sector - multi-issue experience, combined with AVC's specific research, modeling and analysis, strategic and operational planning, project management and venture investment service capabilities. AVC is engaged by its clients to perform discrete services or to assist with a process that involves all or a subset of these services.

research modeling and alaysis

Research, Modeling and Analysis

The identification of knowledge that is required for strategic and operational decision making is a core competency of AVC. AVC works closely with its clients to ensure clients fully understand their decision-making needs and environment, and then undertakes research to produce the primary and secondary data, information and knowledge set that is required to contextualise and inform a decision. AVC then works with clients using advanced qualitative and quantitative analytical frameworks to ensure that the strategic and operational plans are framed in and developed from a competent and complete knowledge base, and decisions are made in an optimally informed environment. Key to this is an understanding of the nature and dynamics of factors that impact on a planning and decision-making environment, ensuring that clients have adequately assessed options and that clients fully understand the risks and opportunities associated with options from a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

strategic and operational planning

Strategic and Operational Planning

Transforming a deep understanding of our client's strategic and operational planning context into an assessed, risk managed and options based strategic and/or operational plan is a core competency of AVC. Having a realistic strategy that identifies and assess goals, achievable pathways toward attaining those goals and risk and risk mitigation strategies is essential to successful project, organizational and industry planning outcomes.

AVC works with its clients to understand goals and develop strategies, tactics and operational systems that are achievable for the organization given its resources, capabilities and culture. AVC also believes that strategic and operational plans that cannot be monitored and measured for progress toward goal attainment, resource consumption and risk management have little value. To this end AVC incorporates monitoring and measurement regimes and practices that are effective with minimal administrative overburden.

project management

Project Management

Helping clients plan and execute the implementation of a strategic or operational plan is also a core competency of AVC. AVC has deep experience in working with its clients to implement new strategic or operational projects. AVC's capabilities include detailed implementation planning and resource estimation, key stakeholder identification and buy-in, organizational development and change planning, key organizational and process change risk identification and mitigation, and detailed project scheduling.

venture investment support

Venture investment support

AVC works with professional innovation and technology investors including venture capital fund managers, limited partners and technology oriented corporations to assist with pre-investment commercial analysis, due diligence, transaction structuring and post-investment analysis and support. The partners at AVC have extensive experience in working with technology venture investors from pre-due diligence analysis and assessment, through to investment exit.